Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Texas Deer Hunting Regulations - After Killing A Deer

Marketing representative Adam McCroskie loves to hunt, and does so regularly on his family's fifty-acre property in Greenville, Texas. Some of the animals Adam McCroskie has hunted in the past include bobcats, coyotes, and pigs, and deer.

Hunters in Texas must adhere to several regulations after killing a deer. First and foremost, the correct hunting license tag or permit needs to be filled out right away, before the deer is moved or field dressed. If a tag is used, hunters must also legibly complete the Hunting License Harvest Log.

After completing these steps, the deer can be moved, though it must travel with proof of sex and the hunting tag. The hunter may skin and quarter the deer before transport, however, unless they plan to consume the meat at camp, they may only process four quarters and two backstraps. Furthermore, all quarters and backstraps must be kept in edible condition, unless destroyed as part of the hunt, diseased, or decaying at the time of harvest.